Unfortunately, truck accidents often mean serious bodily harm or even death for the drivers and passengers of the cars they hit. Semi-trucks outweigh passenger vehicles several times over.  When they get out of control, normal cars simply don’t stand a chance.

While truck accidents are very similar to normal car accident cases, there are a few key differences that set them apart.  Under the law, truck drivers are held to a higher legal standard than regular drivers.  From the qualifications and training of the driver, to the specialized maintenance of the trucks themselves, to the actions of the trucking corporation itself, there are several special concerns in trucking cases that many people seem to overlook.

At Hinman and Peck, P.C., our attorneys are experienced in handling truck accident cases.  In his former career at a defense law firm, attorney Christopher Peck was called upon from time to time to represent national trucking corporations.  We know how the defense prepares their cases and, most importantly, we know where to shine the light during our investigation to uncover wrongdoing.

Given that truck accident cases often involve catastrophic injuries to other drivers, the attorneys at Hinman and Peck, P.C. are able to use their expertise in working with multiple experts to fully prove the extent of injuries and financial loss.

We help clients maximize their recovery and never make unfair concessions.

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